C-Suite Insights 22nd November 2021

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Making the business case for your marketing budget

Harvard Business Review


CMOs are experiencing pressures to demonstrate the efficacy of their marketing budgets and most strategies only focus on short-term initiatives such as sales and revenue. Long-term approaches are needed to drive business performance.


Based on research from the August 2021 CMO Survey and a combination of interviews with CXOs, this article identifies ten effective methods that can help CMOs build the business case with their CFOs to achieve trust, long-term growth and value.

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When work norms change – Why Toshiba supports side jobs



Toshiba has implemented a new trial system that allows employees to take on side jobs to encourage new and diverse work styles. This comes as more companies are gradually allowing employees to take on an additional or multiple side jobs.


This article explores how this system can provide benefits for workers and companies, ranging from increased income, attainment of knowledge, skills and experience, worker autonomy and improved prospects.

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Succeeding as a business ecosystem contributor



Research shows that between 2015 and 2021, 23% of start-up companies valued at over $1 billion (also known as unicorns) had adopted ecosystem business models.


These companies are acting as an example for others - a survey found that 90% of multinational corporations were aiming to incorporate business ecosystem initiatives into their operations.


Companies that want to benefit from this trend must understand that they do not necessarily need to be orchestrators of their own ecosystems. Being a complementor or supplier to an ecosystem can be just as attractive.


Companies need to select the right ecosystem to join, define the right level of engagement, stand out against other contributors, avoid being commoditised by the orchestrator, and recognise when it is time to leave the ecosystem.

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