C-Suite Insights 22nd December 2021

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​​​​​​The COO imperative: Ensuring your workplace is the right place for your people 



With the disruption of global operations, COOs are facing intense pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity for their organisations. They need to rethink their relationship with their employees and adopt a talent ecosystem approach to retain talent and drive transformation.  


This article explores the emergence and management of the new workforce and offers five practical steps for COOs to follow: 

  1. Adopt a new mindset – ensure the people experience has a customer focus 
  2. Match new kinds of workers with new ways of working – create a talent ecosystem 
  3. Become the career aspiration leader 
  4. Build a more resilient and agile workforce to navigate more volatile times 
  5. Reach outside the firm for the talent needed 

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TCFD: What will it mean for the operation and governance of UK large private businesses?  




The TCFD is a framework formed of recommendations for more effective climate-related disclosures to help organisations make better informed investment decisions. These recommendations are built around four key pillars: governance, strategy, risk management and metrics and targets. 


This article covers questions on: 

  • What does it mean for UK companies? 

  • How can UK large private companies prepare for TCFD and wider Non-Financial Reporting? 

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How agile and outsourcing can be better together 




For companies, agile ways of thinking tend to have an internal focus on training employees, building a culture and managing change. Most however, rely on external providers, excluding vendors from their agile processes and losing value.


This article outlines five key steps to achieving integrated agility and outsourcing: 

  1. Crafting a coursing strategy for agile teams 
  2. Selecting the vendor 
  3. Negotiating and contracting 
  4. Setting up ways of working together 
  5. Evaluating the partnership 

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