C-Suite Insights 21st June 2021

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Three ways digitalisation changes Corporate Responsibility (CR)




Digital transformation is disrupting business in fundamental ways. Managers need to be digitally literate and understand, more specifically, how digitalisation reshapes the Corporate Responsibility landscape.


This is important, for example, in negotiating appropriate contracts with suppliers and clients as well as in addressing their potential ethical concerns and even resentment. More broadly, digitalisation has profound implications for firms in meeting their multiple obligations to many different stakeholders. This paper offers a framework to help leaders better navigate the world of CR in a digital economy.


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How to boost people’s energy and productivity during meetings


Strategy + Business


This article gives some simple but effective ideas to make meetings productive, particularly if creative output is desired.


One tip is to think about what configuration of large group, small group, or individual work to use for each step in your meeting. Generally, large group discussions are important for alignment, synthesis, consensus, and commitments for action. Small group work unleashes higher energy, allows for more discussion in less time, and provides the psychological safety needed for divergent thinking. And working individually creates space for preparation, self-reflection, and action planning.


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Report: Executive perspectives on top risks


NC State University ERM Initiative


This report provides insights about top risks for the short term (2021) and the long term (2030) from a survey of 1,081 respondents in C-Suite and board positions in organisations around the globe.


A host of notable risk drivers are all contributing to significant levels of uncertainties, making it extremely difficult to anticipate what risks may lie just over the horizon. Unanticipated events are unfolding at record pace, leading to massive challenges to identify the best next steps for organisations of all types and sizes, regardless of where they reside in the world.


C-Suites and boards need to be vigilant in scanning the horizon for emerging issues. Organisations must focus on building trust-based, resilient cultures, led by authentic leaders, that can pivot quickly.

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