C-Suite Insights 20th December 2021

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How customer connections can help drive decision making for marketers 


MIT Sloan Management Review 


This article includes a transcript of a conversation with Eventbrite’s CMO Tamara Mendelsohn on connecting with customers and building virtual communities post-pandemic.  


She talks about how deepening customer connections have reshaped her team’s marketing efforts as well as the opportunities that might lie ahead in terms of changing customer attitudes and behaviour. 


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Effective digital transformation depends on a shared language  


Harvard Business Review 


Sales, marketing and finance teams often talk about ‘customers’, but it is likely that they don’t always mean the same thing. For companies that are looking to achieve effective digital transformation, these language barriers can cause problems. 


The solution is for companies to establish and strictly adhere to a common language - which is outlined in this article.  


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Are data privacy concerns driving consumer behaviour?  




The 2021 Deloitte Digital Consumer Trends Survey involving 33,150 respondents in 20 countries aimed at understanding consumer online activities and their views on data privacy.  



Amongst the trends identified are: 

  • Privacy being hard to understand and often cumbersome to manage 
  • Consumers’ privacy concerns conflicting with their growing adoption of digital services 


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