C-Suite Insights 1st November 2021

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Gamification as a tool for employee engagement




The rewards a gamer gets for completing levels or collecting points can be replicated in a workplace environment to improve engagement, motivate personal growth, and encourage continuous improvement.


Gamification has been a part of business optimisation strategies and brand awareness for decades. Games are part of the human psyche, dovetailing with the need for competition and the human emotions that are part of playing the game itself.


Gamification is the beating heart of almost everything we touch in the digital world. With employees working remotely, this is the golden solution for employers. If applied in the right format, gaming can help create engagement in today's remote working environment, motivate personal growth, and encourage continuous improvement across an organisation.


Discover practical methods for implementation in this article.


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Beyond COP26: An action plan for CEOs


Bain & Company


As measures to tackle climate change accelerate, more companies will approach their own carbon transitions with the same results orientation as any other strategic transformation.


In the wake of the 26th Conference of the Parties, a UN conference on climate change, senior executives can expect more regulations, greater demands for climate-related financial disclosures, and closer scrutiny from investors and customers.


Many companies have announced ambitious plans to reduce their emissions, in some cases to net zero, but fewer are making great progress turning those ambitions into action. This article explores four initiatives that can help:

  1. Making the carbon transition integral to strategy
  2. Finding ways to monetize investments in carbon reduction
  3. Embedding the transition into the business
  4. Engaging middle management

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