C-Suite Insights 19th November 2021

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COP26 made net zero a core principle for business. Here’s how leaders can act

McKinsey & Company


The COP26 (which recently took place in Glasgow) highlighted the need for businesses to turn their climate pledges into actions.


To be effective, approaches need to be systematic and collective i.e., through the participation of multiple governing bodies and institutions.


This article outlines five essential ways how leaders can incorporate net-zero principles into their business strategies to plan for the future.

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Five steps to optimise net working capital
​​​​Bain & Company


Net working capital (NWC) is defined as the difference between a company’s current assets and its current liabilities (debts) listed on the balance sheet. However, the importance of maintaining a strong balance sheet is often under-valued.


Since cash and liquidity are influenced by employees at all levels, leaders are faced with the challenge of implementing an all-round, cross-functional strategy to optimise NWC.


This article highlights the importance of understanding NWC as a source of value, the cash conversion cycle, new areas for opportunity, how to prioritise these areas of opportunity and how to launch such initiatives.

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Workforce transformation: how to reduce your costs and increase your options



With the easing of lockdown restrictions, companies are beginning to bounce back from the COVID19 crisis. However, they are now faced with new organisational challenges associated with efficiency and flexibility.


If companies are to improve their workforce efficiency, they will need to pursue a workforce strategy that combines flexibility with lower costs. These ten steps offer some useful proposals.

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