C-Suite Insights 19th March 2021

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E-mail is making us miserable

The New Yorker

This provocative article suggests we should re-imagine our relationship with e-mail as a business tool.

Technologies serve us best when we deploy their new efficiencies with intention. Alternatives to e-mail include shared project-management systems. If these systems are combined with regular, short status meetings, the number of back-and-forth messages can be significantly reduced.

The software-development company Basecamp makes use of regularly scheduled office hours: if someone has a technical question for a given expert, he or she has to wait until the expert’s next office hours to make a query.

Another possibility is moving past the paradigm of associating e-mail addresses with individuals, where an address is instead assigned to a specific client, or to a specific type of request, and monitored by multiple different employees.

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Lessons learnt about technology transformations

McKinsey & Company

This IT survey examines how some forms of transformation result in greater value than others. Here are the key lessons learned about how to approach such transformation:

  • People-focused plays result in the most value
  • Talent remains the holy grail of technology transformations - valuable to pursue but difficult to execute
  • The talent challenge has clear implications for sourcing
  • No silver bullets - the top performers execute more transformation plays than others
  • The broader use of advanced technologies supports greater value creation.

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Report: FTSE 100 Executive Remuneration

Baker McKenzie

This report contains helpful guidance on the key changes and new trends in executive remuneration, including: 

  • Annual bonuses - deferral, performance conditions, pay-out and disclosure
  • LTIs - types, performance and holding periods, quantum, performance measures
  • Shareholding requirements 
  • CEO Pay Ratio
  • Executive Pensions
  • Voting outcomes

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