C-Suite Insights 17th November 2021

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How CHROs can tap the talent of ‘hidden workers’


Harvard Business School


A broad range of individuals are often excluded from consideration for employment by conventional approaches to recruiting and tracking job applicants, for example caregivers, veterans, older workers and previously incarcerated people.


This report surveys ‘hidden workers’ and business leaders, and finds that firms are potentially missing out on talented candidates. Specifically, it suggests that an overreliance on online hiring platforms and automated HR systems are filtering out many skilled ‘hidden workers’, and suggests methods to overcome these barriers including how to tailor onboarding procedures and upskilling opportunities.


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Report: Building M&A strength




This report analyses the financial performance of companies that entered into at least one merger or acquisition and then compares it against their respective industry index.


It shows that serial dealmakers on average enjoy higher shareholder returns (TSR) compared with less active acquirers. They are seen to demonstrate expertise in three main areas: vision, operating model and execution which helps pave a path for their success.

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The hidden cultural benefits of AI


MIT Sloan Management Review/BCG


Research suggests that AI technology can have positive cultural gains for businesses in terms of stimulating team morale, collaboration and coherence in the workplace.


The effective use of AI across the organisation and the implementation of human-AI interactions to promote collective learning can also enhance efficiency and decision quality.


This research report offers a data-driven analysis of these relationships at both the team and organisation levels, with the overarching conclusion that business culture affects AI deployments, and AI deployments affect business culture.


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