C-Suite Insights 17th May 2021

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Board principal risk list tips


Independent Audit


Boards are asking questions about the process of determining principal risks and how it can be more effective and useful. Here are some tips on what to think about, along with pointers on good practices as well as warnings about what doesn’t work.


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Perspectives on Top Risks 2021




This global survey of 1,081 C-Suite executives about macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks highlights the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, digital technology, talent and organisational resiliency on the risk landscape in 2021.


39% of respondents are based in North America, 19% in Europe, 17% in the Asia-Pacific region, and the remaining 25% from Latin America, the Middle East, India and Africa. The results captured significant uncertainties by industry, executive position, company size and type, and geographic area.


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What elevated levels of political risk mean for business in 2021




EY’s Geostrategic Outlook has outlined the four primary forces that are transforming the global business landscape - globalisation, technology, demographics and environment - and assessed how these forces are shaping global and regional developments. Conclusions include:

  • The geopolitics of COVID-19 will shape many political risks around the world, including emerging market debt and new industrial policies.
  • The three leading geopolitical powers - the US, EU and China - will compete for greater self-reliance, particularly in digital technologies.
  • The landscape is challenging, however companies can leverage the enhanced agility and resilience exhibited in response to the pandemic.

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