C-Suite Insights 17th February 2021

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The five essential roles of corporate ecosystems


Most organisations that try to build an ecosystem would be better off joining an existing one. The first step is for them to know where they would fit. The following key questions will help you decide whether to create your own ecosystem or join someone else’s:

  1. What is the unique value proposition of the ecosystem you want to create?
  2. Who has already built ecosystems to create a similar value proposition?
  3. Do you have the resources and capabilities to be the orchestrator of a new ecosystem and overcome the advantages of the existing ecosystems?
  4. If trusted partners have the complementary resources you need to create your ecosystem, should you invite them as core partners?
  5. If you only have a narrow technological capability (data storage, processing, etc.), do you want to join someone else’s ecosystem as a technology enabler?
  6. If you only have a narrow offering, and there is already an established ecosystem out there, should you join it as a complementor?
  7. If you only have access to a group of customers, should you join someone else’s ecosystem as a reseller?

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How boards should prepare for the rising cybersecurity threat

McKinsey & Company

John Noble, the former director of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and a board member of NHS Digital, discusses how boards of directors should help their organisations ensure they are prepared for potential cyberattacks.

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Global Executive Wellbeing Index


This report, based on a survey of 2,000 senior executives and high net worth individuals in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, provides insights into the impact of COVID on the mental health and wellbeing of this influential group. It explores the strategies they are using to cope with these challenges and pinpoints some potential problems ahead.

It alo provides an in-depth examination of how attitudes towards personal health and wellbeing have shifted, and how this impacts on future needs.

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