C-Suite Insights 17th December 2021

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Are your marketing and sales teams on the same page? 


Harvard Business Review  


When sales and marketing teams are aligned, companies are likely to perform better through increased speed of change, more creative problem-solving and better employee retention. Misalignment can cost businesses an estimate of more than $1 trillion each year.  


This article identifies four strategies to ensure the alignment of sales and marketing objectives: 

  1. Audit content to enable revenue generation 
  2. Have marketing team members shadow sales calls 
  3. Hold regular brainstorming sessions with sales and marketing team members 
  4. Provide the sales team with knowledge about prospects for their sales calls 

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Cross-functional teams: The new IT imperative 




Implementing cross-functionality across IT and business professionals is imperative to drive digital success.  


This article outlines how companies are transforming cross-functional teams to achieve business success: 

  1. Partnering on data and machine learning initiatives 
  2. Creating a cross-functional community 
  3. Focussing on continual improvement 

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​​​​​B2B commercial analytics: What outperformers do  


McKinsey & Company 


Research reveals that B2B companies that successfully apply commercial analytics in service to marketing and sales performance are 1.5 times more likely to outperform their competitors. They distinguish themselves by their methods, by their consistency and clarity in strategising for the challenges of the transition. 


There are four behaviours associated with the success of outperformers: 

  1. Build consensus on sources of value 
  2. Assemble the right analytics talent 
  3. Use flexible data architecture, algorithms and tools 
  4. Use change management to boost front-line execution 

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