C-Suite Insights 16th June 2021

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The right hybrid work strategy for your company


Harvard Business Review


What’s the real cost of hybrid working? How much flexibility do employees want and need? Who should make the decision about who does and doesn’t get to work remotely? Can we maintain our culture if people aren’t spending as much time together in the office? How can we effectively onboard new employees remotely?


This article suggests a process based approach to answer these questions, looking at issues relating to productivity, staffing and culture separately.


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Leadership toolbox: a coaching approach




A “coaching approach” can help managers and their teams keep up with our rapidly changing world. Taking this angle pushes a thought-provoking and creative process that can inspire teams to maximise their personal and professional potential.


This article outlines several tools including:

  • Listening deeply
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Crafting a reflective space
  • Focusing on human potential


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Why HR leaders want to focus on people again


McKinsey & Company


A survey of 70 European CHROs shows a shift to employee-centric policies. The vast majority of CHROs in large organisations say they are eager to shift to models that meet physical and mental health needs, as well as focusing on moral concerns about a company’s overall impact on society.


The survey indicates that CHROs will continue to automate and outsource the purely transactional elements of their work, leaving more time for strategic leadership.


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