C-Suite Insights 16th July 2021

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The future of influencing buying decisions: an in-depth look at ESG, humanisation and B2B tech brands




For business there seems to be a gap between talking about ESG and having a policy in place, and actually putting those words and actions into practice.


As ESG becomes more pervasive B2B buying is becoming more emotionally driven than ever before. With a consumer mindset increasingly influencing B2B decisions, the human element is playing an ever more important role - especially during the pandemic where we have all experienced the blurring of boundaries between our “work selves” and “social selves”.


This report is based on discussions with business leaders and marketing professionals to find out their views on ESG, values and humanisation, and how that applies to their own experience.

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Report: ESG trends - the rise of climate litigation and the challenges for business


Clifford Chance


The rise in climate change litigation and shareholder activism is a growing risk for businesses across all sectors.


This is due, in part, to sophisticated NGOs using litigation as a campaigning tool, and a growing recognition of the power of reputational risk to influence corporate behaviour. This report summarises the key global trends in litigation activity relating to ESG.


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Creating value with ESG


McKinsey & Company


According to McKinsey, ESG creates value in five ways:

  1. Top line growth
  2. Cost reductions
  3. Minimising regulatory and legal intervention
  4. Productivity uplift
  5. Investment and asset optimisation.

This article outlines examples of ESG propositions that strengthen these value-creating links.

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