C-Suite Insights 16th April 2021

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Global Crisis Survey 2021




The Global Crisis Survey 2021 is an assessment of the global business community’s response to unprecedented social, economic and geopolitical disruption.

More than 2,800 business leaders shared company data and personal insights on the impact of the crisis. Representing 73 countries and 29 industries, their observations create a compelling portrait of the tactics, tools and processes organisations have put in place.


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The Board–CEO partnership in a transformation




Many executives have opinions about transformation, but only a few have succeeded at multiple transformation initiatives across a range of companies and industries. Raj Gupta is one of them. Over three decades, he has served as CEO, chair, and director at several companies undergoing transformations that unlocked significant value. Currently, he is chair at two companies: Aptiv, a supplier of auto parts and technology, and Avantor, a manufacturer of specialty materials and equipment for the health care industry.


Here, he shares a wealth of insights that CEOs, board directors, and chairs at other organisations can apply.


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COVID-19 Economics Monitor




The latest update of this COVID-19 monitor provides charts and data on economics including a GDP growth forecast for key international markets.


It also provides up-to date measures of market confidence, for example, in March, consumer confidence has improved in the euro area, UK and US, rising to the highest levels recorded since the start of the pandemic.


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