C-Suite Insights 15th November 2021

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CEO Compensation: Evidence From the Field


London Business School


CEO pay is a contentious topic that occupies significant amounts of board and investor time, and is one of the most-studied areas of corporate governance amongst academics.


But little is known about the deliberations that take place within boards on how to pay the CEO. Nor about the factors that boards take into account in designing pay and which investors consider when deciding whether to approve CEO packages.


In this video, Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, and Academic Director of London Business School’s Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) presents the key findings from a survey of over 200 directors and 150 investors on how they design CEO pay packages: their objectives, the constraints they operate under, and the factors they take into account.


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Automation doesn’t just create or destroy jobs - it transforms them


Harvard Business Review


While economists often consider the effects of automation in terms of whether it creates or destroys jobs, less attention is paid to how it changes jobs and the wages paid to the workers that perform them.


This article examines whether wages rise or fall owing to technological progress, and considers other hidden impacts of automation.


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FTSE 350 Boardroom Bellwether survey


Chartered Governance Institute


The FTSE 350 Boardroom Bellwether is a twice-yearly survey that seeks to gauge the sentiment inside boardrooms. It canvasses the views of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 company secretaries to find out how boards are responding to the challenges of the economy, market conditions and the wider business and governance environment.


Questions cover a range of business concerns, topical issues and specific governance matters to provide unique insight into what boards are thinking.


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