C-Suite Insights 15th March 2021

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The complexities of AI computing and value


Although many companies are looking to utilise AI technology to gain a competitive advantage, there is a lack of understanding of the underlying infrastructure of AI. The following questions are useful ones to consider at the early stages of an AI project:

  • Do we have the right talent skilled in using and configuring fast-changing AI infrastructure and software?
  • Do we understand how GPU-accelerated computing may change the art of the possible in addressing the high-impact use cases that matter?
  • Do we understand how best to leverage AI infrastructure across the public cloud, our data center, and the edge?
  • Are we using the most sustainable approach to AI development to reduce the carbon impact of our AI project?
  • How can we speed up the application of AI to save money and accelerate time-to-market?

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Digital smarts in the C-Suite

MIT Sloan Management Review

Executive teams that understand how to leverage the power of digital technologies bring significant value and growth opportunities. Research from MIT shows that digitally-savvy leadership teams (in which more than half the executive members are digitally savvy) make a big difference in performance, These teams outperform competitors by as much as 48%. 

However, there is a dearth of digital know-how in most C-Suites, including in roles that typically require high levels of technical expertise.

This report discusses the specific ways digital savviness adds value to business leadership, and suggests how companies can develop this capability in their C-Suite. 


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Four ways storytelling drives innovation


This article by Infosys describes how the use of storytelling can drive change and transformation in the workplace. Stories inspire others to shift perspective and reveal reasons for resistance to change, making them a useful tool for leaders who wish to persuade their colleagues to embrace a change in direction.

  1. Stories reveal what people think (and feel) about change
  2. Stories ignite change
  3. Stories shape the larger narrative
  4. Stories make complex change relatable.

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