C-Suite Insights 14th May 2021

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Mental Health Awareness Week: A collection of resilience tools


To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we highlight this excellent and comprehensive collection of resilience tools. It provides activities and resources to help build the mental toughness of you and your team, including:

  • 17 science-based resilience building activities
  • A mental toughness questionnaire
  • Eight exercises and techniques for increasing mental strength
  • Resilience activities for groups
  • Master resilience training (MRT) exercises used in the army
  • Useful YouTube Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations on resilience.

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24 ways leaders can manage stress at work
Dr. Steve Aldana, WellSteps
Here is a comprehensive list of the main causes of worksite stress and a corresponding list of successful ways to help employers reduce stress in the worksite and help employees manage stress.


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Employer checklist for creating mentally healthy workplaces
Mental Health Foundation
The Mental Health Foundation regularly updates its guide on how to support mental health at work.

It provides a checklist for employers that will help them to value mental health and wellbeing as core assets of their organisations and support the development of effective line management relationships.  


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