C-Suite Insights 14th June 2021

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Recognising your customer’s purpose is key to growth


Harvard Business Review


Growth strategies that are purpose-led, customer-centric, experience-driven, data/AI-enabled, and technology-scaled require new mindsets far more than new toolsets or skillsets.


This transformation - of culture, operations, and outcomes - begins with a broader consideration of three levels of customer purpose.

  • First, big-P purpose describes the company’s role in the world.
  • Second, medium-P purpose depicts its role in the lives of customers.
  • Finally, small-p encompasses all the intents, needs, questions, or desired outcomes that might compel a customer to engage your company.

This article offers four ways to define, design, and deliver purpose-led experiences.


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COVID-19 Economics Monitor




The latest update of this COVID-19 monitor provides charts and data on economics including a GDP growth forecast for key international markets.


It also provides up-to date measures of market confidence in the euro area, UK and USA.

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The four principles to deliver an optimal employee experience




To deliver an optimal employee experience (EX), this article recommends focusing on four principles called the Four Fs. They rest on the idea that your business goals, experiences, and technology are inseparable from one another and must be addressed in a unified, cross-company way. When applied to EX, the Four Fs unlock productivity and cut down on energy-sapping frustration stemming from internal systems and tools.


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