C-Suite Insights 14th July 2021

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Virtual event: Measuring failure and enabling transformation




On 22nd July at (3:00pm to 4:15pm) Multiverse (partners to the Winmark CEO and NED networks) are hosting a virtual where Hewlett Packard Enterprise will discuss their digital transformation, strategic shift, and how they are closing the data skills gap with apprenticeships.


Sue Preston, Vice President & General Manager UKIMESA, and Vedran Podobnik, Data & AI Practice Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will discuss:

  • How HPE is building the Data Academy for employees, and why it works
  • Why leadership needs to enable employees to understand when they failed faster
  • How they are planning to win the war for tech talent and retain key employees with new development opportunities
  • How you can also upskill your workforce with critical data skills through professional apprenticeships.

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Managing ESG data and rating risks




The lack of global reporting standards and agreement on what should be deemed as material for each sector has led to ESG data and ratings providers each adopting their own methodologies and processes, making it difficult for companies to manage their narrative on sustainability and determine how best to allocate internal resources regarding sustainability reporting.


Further complicating the landscape for companies is the fact that a growing number of investors are developing their own ESG ratings by leveraging multiple data sources.


Given the increasing importance of ESG data and ratings, this document seeks clarity from interviews with representatives from companies, institutional investors, ESG ratings and data providers, and academia. It provides:

  • An overview of the ESG data and ratings landscape
  • Key takeaways for companies to navigate this increasingly complex market force.

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On the Board agenda 2021




This document provides a reminder of the requirements for listed companies for the 2021 interims season and some of the key matters to consider when reporting in the current environment.


It also provides a short summary of some of the areas for boards and audit committees to be aware of for the year ahead when contemplating planning activities for year-end reporting and an overview of the latest position on building credible climate commitments, the move towards global common standards of ESG reporting, and proposals to update the EC’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive. The overall message is that reporting of climate matters will take a leap forward in 2021.


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