C-Suite Insights 14th April 2021

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A toolkit for leaders to accelerate social progress in the future of work


World Economic Forum


This toolkit, designed for organisational leaders and CHROs, aims to highlight the opportunities and outline the challenges specific to greater use of technology in the service of diversity efforts.


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Managing a chronic complainer


Harvard Business Review


Chronic complainers in the workplace are toxic not only to themselves but also to the people around them. A habit often formed in childhood, it arises from a need for validation and attention.


Offering sympathy and solutions is unlikely to change the behaviour and if you encounter it in the workplace the best approach is to set limits on the complaining, by pointing out that complaints should be about specific issues that can be resolved. You should also suggest that the complainer express appreciation and gratitude at moments that they feel the urge to complain.


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How the CHRO moved to the top of the table




The coronavirus pandemic has given the CHRO a voice and influence. HR leaders have been offered an opportunity to prove their worth to the executive team by helping steer their organisation through widespread uncertainty.


Those with a growth mindset have flourished, while those with a fixed mindset have struggled. The importance of having a growth mindset can most clearly be seen in the newly adopted CHRO role of change manager. While HR leaders were traditionally seen as risk averse, throughout the pandemic they have had to act with flexibility, agility and speed.


As a result, not only have HR leaders facilitated and driven workplace change, ranging from support and communication around remote working to digital skills development, they have also changed the rules of engagement to ensure they are now more based around people.


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