C-Suite Insights 13th December 2021

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When should your company develop its own software? 


Harvard Business Review 


The use of software is central to organisations and is a significant driver of business success. However, when a company expands, software performance gaps can emerge so it is important to find new software solutions to address inefficiencies and help teams develop innovative products and services. 


An important thing for businesses to consider is whether to purchase new software which can be costly, or to build their own which can be challenging.  


This article discusses the costs and benefits of building software and outlines three competencies that can help businesses successfully “roll their own code” including: 

  1. Translating business needs into software projects 
  2. Code development 
  3. Software operations 

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How marketers can address data challenges to drive growth 


Mit Sloan Management Review 


Marketing leaders have an increasingly important role in building analytical capability but many still struggle to move beyond the conceptual goal of “delivering analytical value” to actually using analytics to drive growth. 


This article highlights the Marketing Analytics Canvas Tool that can be used by marketers to design an analytics architecture that fits the business need. 


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Engaging employees in the age of disruption through change adoption strategies 


Infosys Consulting  


While many organisations realise their immediate need for change, research suggests that more than 70% of failed transformations have been unsuccessful due to people issues. Careful planning and innovation are necessary to mitigate adoption risk and better address the needs of employees. 


This article identifies five strategies to engage employees and drive the successful adoption of change: 

  1. Communication 
  2. Collaboration 
  3. Empowerment 
  4. Empathy 
  5. Nudges 

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