C-Suite Insights 13th August 2021

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Deliberately digital: overcoming barriers to transformation



Digital technologies are a crucial source of competitive advantage. Digital leaders have demonstrably greater inflows, longer retention and superior investment performance than those of their peers.


So, what are the barriers to adoption and how should managers address them?

This report seeks to provides answers by identifying the major barriers, providing an insight into the context in which they exist and offering key recommendations on how to overcome them.

It is based on interviews with 18 senior leaders who focus on digital technologies including Chief Technology Officers, Heads of Client Service, Chief Distribution Officers and Chief Digital Officers

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Everyone in your organisation needs to understand AI ethics


Harvard Business Review


When most organisations think about AI ethics, they often overlook some of the sources of greatest risk: procurement officers, senior leaders who lack the expertise to vet ethical risk in AI projects, and data scientists and engineers who don’t understand the ethical risks of AI.


Fixing this requires both awareness and buy-in on your AI ethics program across the organisation. To achieve this, consider these six strategies:

  1. Remove the fear of not getting it right away
  2. Tailor your message to your audience
  3. Tie your efforts to your company purpose
  4. Define what ethics means in an operational way
  5. Lean on trusted and influential individuals
  6. Never stop educating.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Report




The Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) report is the second annual global survey of its kind. The report’s authors had expected COVID-19 might dampen companies’ enthusiasm for investing in SCS, but the latest survey shows the opposite occurred.


Far from diverting attention from sustainability goals, the pandemic has accelerated the movement of companies along a road toward greater transparency and more accountability.


82% of respondents said their firm’s commitment to SCS had either increased or stayed the same since the start of the pandemic. Interest in human rights protection, workers’ welfare and renewable energy increased significantly over the past year.

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