C-Suite Insights 12th November 2021

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Report: The Future Of Corporate Communications




The Future of Corporate Communications report helps:

  • Understand the trends driving the evolution of the modern communications function.
  • Understand the current and future priorities of today’s senior communications leaders.

Some notable insights include:

  1. The modern corporate communications function is agile, multidisciplinary, and insights-driven.
  2. CommsTech is already ushering in a new era and communicators can use it to deliver quantifiable value to the business.
  3. An increased focus on the workplace, workforce, and well-being of employees isn’t a pandemic fad.
  4. Communicators are increasingly acting as change agents, enabling ongoing transformation.
  5. The lines between communications and marketing continue to blur, creating new challenges and opportunities.
  6. While the importance of the communications function is increasing, resources to deliver are lagging.


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​​​How to develop a high-impact team


Strategy + Business


The best leaders cultivate a climate that is both comfortable and intense. They remove fear and provide the security that invites people to do their best thinking. At the same time, they establish an energising, intense environment that demands people’s best efforts.


What occurs when you create only one of these conditions? What happens when you stretch people without first building a foundation of safety, trust, and respect? The onslaught of challenges produces debilitating anxiety rather than growth. On the other hand, if you foster a supportive environment but never ask others to do something truly difficult, your people feel appreciated but stagnant. People perform and grow best with equal doses of safety and stretch.


The five leadership habits discussed in this article will encourage the right behaviour in a team - the first two establish an environment of safety; the last three provide stretch.


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Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times


McKinsey & Company


The mindsets of great problem solvers are just as important as the methods they employ. A mindset that encourages curiosity, embraces imperfection, rewards a dragonfly-eye view of the problem, creates new data from experiments and collective intelligence, and drives action through compelling show-and-tell storytelling creates radical new possibilities under high levels of unpredictability.


Of course, these approaches can be helpful in a broad range of circumstances, but in times of massive uncertainty, they are essential.

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