C-Suite Insights 12th April 2021

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What Is your organisation’s long-term remote work strategy?


Harvard Business Review


Leaders planning for a post-pandemic future have an opportunity to take a more intentional, strategic approach to remote work. Research, executive education, and corporate advisory experience suggests that the key decisions leaders will face fall into two main categories: company policies and management practices.


This article takes a look at key emerging trends in each of these categories, and gives advice on the following questions:

  • Are you ready to consider a work from anywhere (WFA) policy?
  • What kinds of new training will need to be offered?
  • How can you foster a healthy remote-work climate?
  • How can you help employees manage competing work and life priorities?
  • How can you create a sense of psychological safety?
  • How can you consciously engage employees?
  • How can you nurture employee trust and accountability?


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Are you putting too much pressure on your team?


Dealer Support


Leaders must balance being empathetic with maintaining productivity. But how can you tell when you’re leaning too heavily on the productivity side of the scale and creating unnecessary stress for your workers?


In this article, the following senior leaders give their advice

  • Kash Shaikh, CEO, Virtana
  • Wendy Powell, CEO, Mutu System
  • Sabby Gill, CEO, Thomas International
  • Stuart Lang, founder and creative director, We Launch
  • Sheryl Miller, business consultant and author.


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A 5G action plan for CIOs




Wireless is becoming increasingly integral to the ways companies innovate and transform, changing how they operate, develop new products and business models, and engage with customers.


Indeed, four in five networking executives believe these technologies will substantially transform their organisations within three years.


Deloitte’s ‘Study of Advanced Wireless Adoption, Global Edition’ illustrates this rapid shift.


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