C-Suite Insights 11th June 2021

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Digital supply chain architecture


Bain & Company


Leading companies put supply chain technology strategy on the C-Suite agenda because it’s critical to competitive edge.


Taking a strategic approach to supply chain architecture allows companies to improve profitability, increase flexibility, and react rapidly to changing customer demands.


A new supply-chain architecture; core-light, data-centric, and ecosystem-rich, gives companies a rapid and flexible way to transform legacy supply chain systems.


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Seven ways to help employees avoid feeling overwhelmed at work




The World Health Organisation (WHO) now recognizes burnout as a syndrome. Symptoms include a lack of energy, being mentally distant from the job, feeling cynical or negative about work, and being less productive. Burnout occurs when stress has existed over the long haul.

Leaders who want to encourage a culture of wellbeing must recognise the effect that unrelenting pressure plays, and take steps to address it.

This article provides advice on how to achieve the following seven steps:

  1. Recognise the signs of an employee being overwhelmed at work.
  2. Check-in with employees periodically to gauge their workload and stress levels.
  3. Allow scheduling flexibility, such as working from home.
  4. Give employees the recognition they deserve.
  5. Review “Must-Do” lists with employees.
  6. Emphasise wellbeing/wellness opportunities.
  7. Be positive and build community.

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Report: Executive pay at FTSE 100 firms down by 22% since start of pandemic




More than half of FTSE 100 CEOs have had their salaries frozen this year while a reduction in bonuses for 2020 has seen average total single figure pay drop from around £4.3m to £3.5m, according to analysis of the first 50 FTSE 100 companies to publish their 2021 annual remuneration reports.


53% of CEOs and 52% of CFOs have seen their salaries frozen compared to 35% and 30% respectively last year, underlining how the pandemic has brought about a period of pay restraint. Nearly one third (31%) of the companies to publish their annual reports so far have either waived, cancelled or reduced 2020 annual bonuses, with the average pay-out dropping from just under £1.1m to £843,000.


The study shows that pension levels for incumbent CEOs remain at 15% of their salary, falling to 10% for new hires, bringing them in line with the wider workforce. Eight out of 10 FTSE 100 companies will have aligned incumbent pension levels with those for the wider workforce by the end of 2022.


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