C-Suite Insights 11th August 2021

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What does an ESG score really say?


Harvard Business School


A recent study shows that the more information a company discloses about its ESG practices, the more rating agencies disagree on how well that company is performing along these dimensions. According to the research, a 10% increase in corporate disclosure is associated with a 1.3% to 2% increase in ESG score variation among major ratings providers, which all interpret and process disclosures differently.


Institutions, such as asset managers, pension funds, and endowments, often rely on ESG ratings to make investment decisions. Divergent scores hurt firms, investors, and markets, the research findings suggest, and these effects appear to be worsening over time.


ESG outcomes are a better way to measure success in environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance than by checking off a company’s written policies.


In areas where science can bolster best practices, such as with carbon emissions, industry norms have begun to emerge. But for outcomes and specific issues that are inherently more subjective, ratings agencies and regulators will need to develop a shared understanding to guide disclosures and increase consistency in how the information is used.


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CBI Report: Bridge the gap


The objective of this practical guide is to help companies to develop campaigns to encourage ethnic minority representation from entry level to boardroom.

It helps address challenges including attraction and recruitment of talent, sustainable progression routes into leadership positions, and developing and retaining employees at all levels.

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The battle against mental health stigma


McKinsey & Company


Employees are worried about their mental health as they return to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic. Stigma can exacerbate their concerns, but employers can thwart its impact. This article argues that identifying behavioural-health conditions and offering the necessary support for employees affected by them should be a top C-Suite priority.


While most employers report that they are serious about employees’ mental health, many haven’t confronted one critical challenge: stigma.


This is a widespread problem with serious implications. The good news is that employers are in a unique position to address stigma - especially during the short post pandemic window when many organisations are evolving their operations for the new reality of hybrid work.


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