C-Suite Insights 10th September 2021

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Finding clarity as a leader


Management Today


Do you ever ask someone to ‘please review this’?. ‘Review’ is what can be called a ‘treadmill verb’. You can review forever. There is no way to know when you have finished. You can review for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Or flow. Credibility. Persuasiveness. Accuracy. Legal concerns. Alignment with priorities. ‘Please review’ is an unclear request.


Or maybe you ask employees to report. ‘Report’ is another treadmill verb. You can report forever. There is no destination. No way to know when you are finished. Ask someone to report and you have issued an open invitation to talk without purpose.


Make clarity a priority. In order to assess your level of clarity, you need to consider questions such as:

  • Are your objectives specific enough? Does everyone understand what success looks like with enough specificity to make smart decisions and juggle priorities?
  • Do your objectives and priorities make it clear what you won’t do, so that employees are able to say ‘No’ when appropriate? 
  • Are your vision and strategy sufficiently focused? When resources, including employee time, are spread too thin, what gets done is determined by the squeakiest wheel, risk avoidance and personal preferences, not organisational priorities.

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COVID-19 Economics Monitor




The latest update of this COVID-19 monitor provides charts and data on economics including a GDP growth forecast for key international markets.


it provides a succinct, easy-to-navigate guide to the latest global developments.

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Digital support of the hybrid workforce




This white paper looks at the changes required for the resilient, reimagined workplace - a democratised work environment, where all employees have the opportunity to collaborate, learn, develop, innovate, and succeed.


The reimagined workplace requires a rethinking of work as we know it, including views on technology deployment and support, productivity, security, and employee experience - including generational differences.


The paper is based on a survey of 560 business leaders and 558 employees across North America, EMEA, AP, and Latin America.


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