C-Suite Insights 10th November 2021

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The CIO agenda for the next 12 months: Six make-or-break priorities


McKinsey & Company


Business in the digital age is impossible without a strong technology platform. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an important exclamation point to make this reality clear to the C-Suite and board.


With this foundation, CIOs have a unique opportunity to become business drivers. This doesn’t mean it’s time to throw out the old playbook; traditional needs of ensuring stability, meeting business requirements, and managing the costs and risks of delivery are all still necessary. But they’re not sufficient. CIOs need to write a new chapter in the IT playbook that embodies a new set of bold aspirations to put technology at the forefront of the business.


This article identifies six areas where CIOs can focus their efforts to better align IT with business goals.

  1. Know your customer as well as you know your technology
  2. Put cloud at the centre of your tech strategy
  3. Make developer experience the cornerstone of talent strategy
  4. Become the fastest learner
  5. Make security an enabler of speed and growth
  6. Choose better over more when it comes to data

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Forget flexibility - employees want autonomy


Harvard Business Review


Flexibility now dominates the way we speak about the future of work. And while a new hybrid working survey shows that employees do indeed want flexibility, it also shows that this flexibility is conditional upon their autonomy to exercise it in whichever way is best for them.


Autonomy is a key driver of human motivation, performance, and fulfilment; in the context of hybrid working, it is also directly correlated to the amount of flexibility a given employee has access to in their work arrangement. By turning the dial on autonomy up or down, employee flexibility increases or decreases, respectively.


For organisations looking to remain competitive in the hybrid future, enabling and empowering employee autonomy will be the single most important enabler of flexibility. By ditching policies for principles, investing in competence and relatedness, and giving employees the tools they need to do their job well regardless of location, leaders can create a culture of autonomy and flexibility to the benefit of the organisation, teams, and individual employees.


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Disrupting the way organisations develop early careers talent - with Dentsu


Multiverse webinar: 17th November 3pm


Digital skills are a key brake on global productivity, and with 84% of executives believing their teams lack the ability to deliver their digital strategies they realise that they need people with digital skills for the future.


Join this webinar to hear Lisa Barrett (ex-Ministry of Justice) from Multiverse (partners to the Winmark CEO and NED networks) and Dentsu’s Managing Director of Operations Matt Wright and Senior HR Business Partner Nicola Brady discuss how Dentsu have gained a competitive edge by building a workforce of data-driven talent, decentralising their data capabilities.


You will learn how your organisation can utilise professional apprenticeships to equip teams across all departments with the skills they need to work with your data.


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