C-Suite Insights 10th March 2021

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The CFO: Connecting corporate reporting to value


There are three action areas that are likely to be important in providing a new future for finance and corporate reporting:

  1. Accelerating the digitisation of finance and building trust into AI and other smart technologies
  2. Putting finance at the heart of sustainability and ESG reporting
  3. Defining a talent strategy that focuses on reskilling employees for a very different future.

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Employers and the COVID vaccine

Harvard Business Review

This article discusses the role businesses can play in persuading people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, offering strategies backed by behavioural economics including:

  1. Emphasise stories over statistics
  2. Focus on immediate rather than long-term benefits
  3. Protect employees from any loss associated with getting vaccinated
  4. Make getting vaccinated easy
  5. Seek commitment
  6. Frame choices to highlight the value of the vaccine
  7. Overcome the tendency to underestimate common risks
  8. Avoid overwhelming employees.

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The five industries where 5G will make the most impact


5G promises to create a huge impact on businesses and the economy. however, most of this growth is forecast to come from a small number of industries, and businesses will have to plan strategically to reap the benefits of 5G.

The industries that stand to benefit the most include healthcare, smart utilities, consumer and media, industrial manufacturing and financial services.

This report expands on how 5G can add value to businesses in these areas, and how to identify opportunities to utilise it.


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