C-Suite Insights 10th February 2021

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Global M&A trends – and the surprising impact of COVID


This report shows that M&A activity is accelerating and the prognosis for deal-making in 2021 is marked by opportunity and transformation.

COVID has had an unexpected impact on the M&A landscape - valuations are increasing thanks to the rebound in global stock markets, an abundance of available capital and the large number of investors competing for deals.

The vaccine rollout is restoring confidence in the economy and creating expectations of rising growth rates and margins.


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Lessons learnt by seven leaders

Business News Daily

In this article, seven business leaders reflect candidly on the lessons they learned in 2020 and share how they will change their outlook in 2021 as a result. We hear from:

  • Vicky Matthews, co-founder, Pink Spaghetti
  • Jasmine Birtles, founder and director, MoneyMagpie
  • Dan Gable, founder and CEO, ShoutOut
  • Russell Horton, CEO, FluidOne
  • Marja Verbon, founder, Jump
  • Ronke Lawal, founder, Ariatu PR
  • Victoria Searl, founder, DataHawks

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How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs

McKinsey & Company

When CEOs know the most important metrics to monitor, they can analyse the effectiveness of digital investments.

In partnership with functional leaders, CEOs and their senior executives can adjust talent acquisition, resource allocation, and company culture so as to ensure that the move to digital is profitable.

To do this, CEOs should monitor five broad markers of digital progress.


  1. Return on digital investments
  2. Percentage of annual technology budget spent on bold digital initiatives
  3. Time required to build a digital application
  4. Percentage of business leaders’ incentives linked to value-creating digital builds
  5. Top technical talent attracted, promoted, and retained.

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