C-Suite Insights 10th December 2021

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Autonomy and team performance


Harvard Business Review


Companies are increasingly allowing employees to have autonomy over who they work with and what they work on. Although this can help them experience greater levels of ownership over their work which boosts creativity and innovation, too much autonomy can negatively impact performance.


Research has shown that those with no sense of autonomy performed the worst, those with full autonomy performed marginally better and those with partial autonomy significantly outperformed.


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Using networks to drive culture change


MIT Sloan Management Review


Surveying employees about their values has its limits. You’ll gain more insight into organisational culture - and find targeted ways to change it - by also analysing patterns of collaboration.


When colleagues are embedded in informal networks with others who share and reinforce their values, they often become entrenched rather than open to new attitudes and behaviours.


But it doesn’t have to be like that. Those same networks can also help leaders identify and overcome obstacles to cultural change and discover unexpected allies.


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How data savvy is your board?



Boards that are devoid of or overwhelmed by data are more likely to make poor judgements, so it is important to understand what ‘data savviness’ means, and how it can be useful for organisations.

easuring 'data savviness' can prove to be quite challenging.as it is not yet a precise science. This article outlines the meaning of 'data savviness' and what it means for  Boards and organisations.


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