C - Suite Daily Intelligence 7th October 2020

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The road to the new reality


This three part series addresses the future of work in the new COVID reality.

Successful organisations will adopt a digital mind-set and culture that maintains a sharp focus on people and values in the face of emerging technology.

Just as those companies that were furthest in their digital journey adjusted the fastest in response to COVID-19, those that continue with digital transformation and go beyond organisational agility can position their organisations best to face the next event.



Report: how business can emerge stronger


This PwC report, based on a survey of 699 CEOs in 67 countries, shows five major forces that have been accelerated by COVID-19: 
  1. Asymmetry in the distribution of wealth.
  2. Technological and climate disruption.
  3. Age and other demographic pressures
  4. Polarisation driven by nationalism and populism.
  5. Declining trust in institutions.
Two key themes emerged from the findings:
  1. CEOs plan to make their companies more digital and virtual. They will digitise core business operations and processes, and add digital products and services.
  2. CEOs plan to develop a more flexible and employee-oriented workforce. They will increase the share of remote or contingent workers, and expand employee health, safety and wellness programmes.

How to revitalise a faltering CRM system

Bain & Company

For many B2B companies the return on CRM investment has been slim. A recent survey of US and European B2B companies found that 62% have not seen the payback they expected. The 38% of respondents that have reaped value from CRM use the system far more frequently for certain tasks (see diagram below).

The survey concludes that to improve use of CRM, B2B companies should focus on three fronts:
  1. Tool adoption
  2. System functionality
  3. Usability of data

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