The Journey To Buy-Out 2021

This update has been designed to complement last year’s publication and builds upon the insights we shared with you. The articles have been written by a host of industry experts and we hope that you find them interesting and helpful.The publication last year also presented the results of a survey we completed with our friends at mallowstreet. We carried out the survey again this year and have shared with you the results of this on page 54 as well as throughout this update.

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Rothesay Life

Rothesay Life is one of the UK’s largest pension insurers. We manage over £50bn of assets and pay the pensions of over 800,000 people. Our sophisticated, integrated approach enables us to minimise risk and improve accuracy at every stage of the policyholder’s lifetime. We have the highest standards for customer service in the industry. And Rothesay Life’s prudent underwriting, cautious investment strategy, and high solvency ratio are all evidence of its commitment to ensuring security for every policyholder, trustee and investor. Rothesay Life pays over £2.5bn of pensions each year and, in 2019, it completed the largest pension fund buy-out to date, with telent, worth £4.7bn, as well as a £3.8bn buy-out with Asda Group Pension Scheme and a £2.8bn buy-in with National Grid. Rothesay Life was established in 2007 and now has three institutional shareholders - GIC, Blackstone and Mass Mutual.

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