Equities - Are the odds ever in your favour?

Equities form the bulk of many investors’ portfolios. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that they are also very volatile. Often, it’s hard to know if this is an accepted compromise for the end result, a positive for those that believe they can time markets, or just an unnecessary and avoidable risk.

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Kempen Capital Management is a specialist asset manager with a focused approach and a clear investment philosophy. We believe in long-term stewardship for our clients and other stakeholders. Kempen provides sustainable returns across a range of actively-managed investment strategies, fiduciary management services, manager selection, portfolio construction and monitoring. Kempen Capital Management, part of Van Lanschot Kempen Wealth Management NV, is a specialist and independent wealth manager. Kempen Capital Management NV is licensed as a manager of various UCITS and AIFs and authorised to provide investment services and as such is subject to supervision by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.

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